Become a Development Client

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Become a Development Client!

Blu3 MG offers select clients the opportunity to join our Development Team.  This means that you can stay closely connected with us, influencing the additions made to the software system.  The financial benefit;  A finite Purchase Price.  Eliminate the monthly expense after the development term ends.  We are confident that by the end of the development phase, you will have a system that manages your business exactly the way you need it to.


1-3 Years

  • Includes all Upgrades to Software at agreed upon intervals for the term of 3 years.
  • Beyond the term of 3 years, Client has continual and perpetual use of the software management system for the duration of their choosing.
    • Third Party Services will be invoiced annually in chosen month.
      • Web Hosting, Domain, Ecommerce, etc.  A full list of third party services will be provided in your ‘Client Agreement Packet’.
    • Further Updates, (beyond 3 years) to System will be available at a Discount of 25% off of Current Market Pricing.
    • Client is responsible for hardware purchases
  • Client will receive Direct Connection to Blu3 MG’s Development Team throughout the Development Phase.  
    • Ability to offer suggestions to the DT for improvements to the software throughout development.  
      • Terms and Conditions Apply
    • Consulting to go along with Training and Support to determine the needs of the Client, connected with use of the software solution.
    • All Setup, Training and Support for the term of 3 years.
    • Ability to schedule on site visits quarterly to assess the operations post installation.  
      • Lodging Provided by Client
      • Gas, Food & Travel at Company’s Expense

We have limited Opportunity for becoming a Development Client.  If you want to be on the cutting edge of what is up and coming with R2M2, our Development Option may be right for you!  Contact us anytime via email at to find out just how this opportunity works.

What Makes Us Different?

Industry competitors boast about not charging commissions or setup fees.  Why are we different?  We combine a lot of the different components of your management processes and existing expenses.  We become a cooperative of sort in the area of your web technology (Website Design Combined with Online Reservation), payment processing integration and more to insure that you do not have to reach out to different entities to integrate these ever important segments of your business.  Our company formed as a Management Group and we specialize in Software Development, Website Design, Online Marketing & Management Consulting.  With our synergy, our clients operate better, seeing results not only in increased sales but in increased operating efficiency.

Your setup fees are in place because we provide assistance in setting up your account.  We know that part of the hesitation in implementing technology is the learning curve itself.  We’ve already done our homework, so you don’t have to.  We will set up your inventory for you so that your next step is taking reservations.  We will also train at least one member of your team on how to use the system.  This shortens the learning time exponentially.  This time savings is equivalent to Labor Savings for your business.

We have two main products:  R2M2 Solutions and Vacation Central

Each of these products have a lite and a full version to allow you to choose the best fit for your business.

Vacation Central is in essence a Cooperative Effort to bring a better online presence to Small Businesses in the Bed & Breakfast, Lodging & Rental Industry.

Vacation Central is a lite Reservation Management System that is ideal for getting your business online, affordably.  

For larger outfitters, we have built R2M2 Solutions, with it’s very own Lite Version, you can still choose.

We provide support for all of our systems.  We do not feel a customer should ever have a question unanswered regarding how our system works and how it can work for your business.  We provide strategy assistance on how to implement our systems with your current operating procedures.  We will work with you until a solution is provided.

Take advantage of a great opportunity

Do you own or operate a small business that takes reservations and sells products? Are you looking for a system that manages each of these segments of your business and combines them with online reservation capabilities for your customers?

Blu3 MG has developed a tool just for those of you who “do”!

R2M2 Solutions is a Reservation, Retail, Marketing & Management System that combines all major processes into one system for you so that you are no longer left frustrated using multiple systems to run your unique business. From Lodging to Camping, to Activities to Online Product Sales, we can do it all for you.

Our Team has a vast skillset that when combined, produces results that help our clients propel to the next level of operations. We offer multiple product options so that the tool we have designed is scaled with your business needs.