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Be a Part of Blu3 MG’s Development Team!

Clients that want to be a part of the innovation have an opportunity to work directly with Blu3 MG’s Team, in development for the term of 3 years.  What’s great about this is that you and your management team have the opportunity to work alongside us through the development phases.


3 Years


  • Includes all Upgrades to Software at agreed upon intervals for the term of 3 years.
  • Beyond the term of 3 years, Client has continual and perpetual use of the software management system for the duration of their choosing.
    • Third Party Services will be invoiced annually in chosen month.
      • Web Hosting, Domain, Ecommerce, etc.  A full list of third party services will be provided in your ‘Client Agreement Packet’.
    • Further Updates to System will be available at a Discount of 25% off of Current Market Pricing.
    • Client is responsible for hardware purchases
  • Client will receive Direct Connection to Blu3 MG’s Development Team throughout the Development Phase.  
    • Ability to offer suggestions to the DTl for improvements to the software throughout development.  
    • Consulting to go along with Training and Support to determine the needs of the Client, connected with use of the software solution.
    • All Setup, Training and Support for the term of 3 years.
    • Ability to schedule on site visits quarterly to assess the operations post installation.  
      • Lodging Provided by Client
      • Gas, Food & Travel at Company’s Expense

We are only accepting 6 Clients in the Development Phase to receive the aforementioned benefits of being a Development Client.  Lock in Your Opportunity!

R2M2 Solutions is an Industry Exclusive Product designed specifically for the Resort Industry.  With solutions that encompass all aspects of operations, Blu3 MG is confident that we have put together an ultimate product for your business management.  

Here are a few features we would like to share with you….

  • Reservations (Online & In House)
  • Lodging, Camping
  • Activities
  • Retail (POS System)
  • Fully Integrated Use for Online Customers and your In House Sales Team


License R2M2 Solutions

We’re Confident as a team that we’ve put together a system of management that will bring all reservation and retail operations to one central point.  For most businesses, our software in Version 1 will manage your business effectively.




  • All Licensing includes Setup, Installation, Training and Support for 1 year.
  • Hardware Included for Clients with 1 Workstation, acting as Server in Licensing Agreement
    • Additional Hardware provided by Client
    • Version 1 of R2M2 Included in Lease Agreement
    • Additional fees apply for upgrades
  • Annual Licensing does not include Updates to Software.  If client would like to update software to latest version, the Updates and Support Fees Apply
    • Purchasing Updates and Support annually will include tech support for 1 year from date of purchase
    • Each Workstation consists of All Hardware Required for Operation.
    • Each Client will have the option to purchase a Zebra Label Printer that is supported by Company.
    • Each Client will have the option to choose their preferred Network Printer(s) or Workstation Printer(s) for printing Forms (8.5 x 11), and Documents.
    • Each Client will be provided with a Web Hosting Package described below.  If determined that this product package does not support the use by your business, Blu3 MG provides upgrades to these services at the expense of the Client.
    • Company Supports any Network Printer & will offer product suggestions upon request.
    • Additional fees apply for upgrades

For a full breakdown of the features of R2M2 Solutions

Take a Look at our Product Breakdown on the FAQ page

Don’t miss the opportunity to house all operations within one tool!