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Well, first and foremost; We have a sense of humor.

We call the man in the background ‘The Wizard’. He’s the team programmer. Rarely will you ever find him front & center, in the public eye. He’s busy with binary.

Angie & myself (Charla) are the two you’ll most often be entertained by. When we three get together, work is a perfect mixture of productivity & laughter. Like any good mixed-drink, the recipe calls for a sprinkle of this & a sprig of that & we find balance in our day to day lives as innovative entrepreneurs by keeping ourselves in light ‘spirits’ (whoops, a pun)!

Together we build software, design websites & provide business development consulting. Our parent company is Blu3 Management Group. We are Blu3. R2M2 Solutions is one of our industry exclusive software management systems. Our launch was in the campground & canoe rental space.  We’ve grown to include a booking platform for Spas, Hotels & Hot Springs businesses alike!

 What we enjoy most about boarding new client-partners with R2M2 Solutions is the opportunity to truly help implement the system. We provide individual customer service like no other software provider in the industry and aren’t afraid to make that claim!  Built by us, to work for you … we do the hard parts with you! 

We’re here, every step of the way, providing continual support & consulting making sure that your team develops best practices to compliment your investment into your company’s future.

If you would like to schedule a demo of R2M2, we want to hear from you!

Enjoy your day,

Charla, Angie & Curtis


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R2M2 Solutions was dreamt to life starting in 2015. While it may appear new to market, R2M2 was built from 20 years experience in the Resort Industry. With recognization that the world around the tourism industry was changing, R2M2's creators knew that the industry deserved to have one system that would truly manage all of their operations. A true powerhouse, R2M2 ignites the industry by offering Point of Sale, Online Reservations, In House Reservations, Marketing & Management all in one. Don't be afraid by the size of our team, be confident! We have a connection with our clients like no other & will get to know each of our future ones the same. Our primary focus is you, the client. Your needs become ours. The journey has been a combined effort of ourselves & our clients. We strive for your success & wish you many great years with our system

Charla Brewer
Client Consultant
Project Administrator
Curtis Tutterrow
Systems Administrator
Software Developer
Angie Tutterrow
Marketing Director
Web Designer
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