R2M2 is like having a stellar management team right at your fingertips.

We know finding the right personnel resources in a small business is like finding a canoe after dark, still on the water.  With attention to detail, R2M2 was designed to extend the arms of your management team, simplifying & automating their processes during your peak season so that they can stay focused on your customers and employees. 

Our featured features are just the icing on the cake.  Take a look at our full list of features below. 

We know you need an all in one system. One that keeps you from having to operate several software systems separately to manage your business, with the ability to manage online and inhouse reservations, rentals and bookings. Not to mention a full POS system with e-commerce.

Our latest innovations at R2M2 Solutions now include a comprehensive point of sale system for retail and a full restaurant management option, making us your all-in-one solution for unparalleled operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. With seamless integration of eCommerce and brick-and-mortar operations, our software is designed to streamline your business processes, enhance your customer experience, and boost your sales. Experience the power of R2M2, and let our cutting-edge technology transform your business today

We’ve covered these bases for you!


BluTrails is a GPS Service you can offer your guests to make sure they always know where they are on your trails, be it water or land!  BluTrails also offers an owner/operator the ability to see a marker for all subscribers to a particular map. We’ve made it easier to make sure all of your participants have made their way back safely.
  Interested? Check out more via GoToBlu 

Pro Plus Clients are now able to utilize the RFID solution for access control, guest purchasing and more.
Our solution is perfect for room access, lockers and better tracking the check out and return of rental items.  Additionally, for a better guest experience you can issue wrist bands for guest purchases and charges to rooms/reservations just like hotels and upscale resorts.

Designed for customer retention these features allow you to create custom membership & loyalty programs to incentivize your guests to keep coming back.  Affiliate Locations can share incentive programs and work to retain customers across multiple locations.

Our CRM allows for newsletters, campaigns, opt-in forms & abandoned cart functions integrated to web & software.  Build a drip campaign to retarget unopened emails and customize your campaigns based on a guests arrival date or departure date … or both!

Built to be signed in advance, at the time of check in or at the starting point of the activity, waivers will ease your mind of liability concerns and get you one step closer to Paperless & Contactless Processes for your business.

Created for off site reservation management to allow for guide scheduling, reservation check in/return, or housekeeping alerts, this tool is also ideal for spas to be able to send alerts to staff regarding their upcoming schedules for massages and other spa services.

A custom reservation map that allows online customers and your salesforce to easily check availability and begin a reservation right from the map. 

Choose from 5 basic themes. Available on both Apple and Android, the R2M2 App allows you to enhance features of the system by providing a custom branded app.  The App is designed to enhance the membership & loyalty program and is able to be customized by your team updating content on the fly to drive other marketing efforts.

Informative pop up on your website to alert your customers of things like closings, holiday hours, specials etc.

Create custom forms to help drive the management of your business.  Deliverable online or in person forms are able to be connected to an order or delivered stand alone.  Create a custom redirect URL to forms giving you the ability to customize the content on the page .  Think: Specific instructions to a guest and/or any other material you would like to share with them after submitting a form. 

This tool is incorporated into the software and allows you to blacklist a customer by blocking their email, phone number and/or IP address  from being able to reserve online.  Be alerted via Software when a customer is selected. 

Scan a Customers Drivers License for quick entry of customer information to help expedite check in. 

Text your guests directly from R2M2 Software.  You’ll be able to deliver digital waivers to them in a contactless method and/or any other important data. Schedule text alerts similar to a newsletter as well as scheduling text to go out in a campaign. 

Get customers through the check in line faster. Allow guest to check in, pay their balance, sign waivers, submit forms, and print boarding passes. 

A robust event planner that allows you to block out room dates with special code access, assign discount and fees and more. A powerfully simple way to plan out your events for an entire year. 

Blu Tickets are a great way to manage your ticketed services such as Daily Admissions, Concerts and/or any other events held at your location. Features include the ability to sell online or via software and most exciting of all, your customers can easily share tickets with their own guests!!



One person reserves, several people can pay. Great for school groups, church groups or just plain groups.


Enforce different minimums and maximums for holiday or special event weekends. You can also set special pricing here to maximize revenue.


View all customer rentals and orders with the click of the mouse so that you can more easily see a complete customer history. Resend Order Confirmation Emails so that if a customer missed it the first time you can resend anytime.

These features are included with all R2M2 Subscriptions
from Basic to Pro.


The Core Four


Manage Reservations for Tours, Activities, Lodging & Spa Services from one place!

Your entire Salesforce is united using our Proprietary Property Management System.

From Digital Waivers to Dynamically Created Documents, we’ve got Your Reservation Process covered from the point of booking through check in and beyond!


Our Point of Sale System is built for a light retail storefront all the way to a robust establishment combining ECommerce and Brick & Mortar into one. 

Complete with barcode scanning to quick access items for touch screen friendly use, we’ve focused on the speed of your operations when combining retail with reservations.


Not only will you look great online when a guest finds you, you’ll be able to build your brand identity all the way through with custom campaigns and newsletters via our CRM.

Our partners can choose to host their full website with R2M2 or be provided a booking URL to interlink with your current website. 

Both are seamless ways to go and your booking domain will match your current website’s look and feel.


Heavy on the Management features, R2M2 focuses on payments with a true omni-channel approach to transactions.

Advance Reporting, a Built in Time Clock and other Back Office features provide you with tools and resources to truly turn R2M2 into your Preferred Property Management System.

Want to know more?


Choose your plan

Add Blu CRM, Membership, and Loyalty to any package. See all the options above.



  • The Core Four:
  • Reservations,
    and Rental
  • Retail
  • Integrated Payments [BluDPS]
  • Robust Reporting
  • Time Clock [Basic]
  • Coupons & Gift Cards
  • Group Payments
  • Special Dates Management
  • Send Emails from Software
  • Year in Advance Reservations
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Customer Memos
  • Order Memos
  • Order History
  • Printed Receipts
  • Customized Documents
  • Boarding Passes
  • Order QR Codes
  • Gift Cards [Basic]
  • Merge & Void Orders
  • Advanced User Permissions
  • Web Based Interface


  • The Core plus:
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Blacklist
  • Digital Waivers
  • Membership Platform
  • Loyalty Platform
  • R2M2 Map [Pro]
  • SMS [Basic]
  • Status Center
  • Time Clock [Pro]
  • Web Based Interface

Pro Plus

  • Includes Core and Enterprise plus:
  • Asset Management [RFID]
  • Check In Kiosks
  • Customer Facing App
  • Drivers License Scan
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Event Manager
  • Event Tickets
  • Forms
  • Gift Cards Pro
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • GPS Tracking
  • Sales Kiosks
  • R2M2 Map [Pro]
  • SMS [Pro]
  • Spa Services Bookings
  • Web Based Interface


  • Advanced Retail
  • Advanced Restaurant
  • Includes 1 Bump Screen
  • Includes Floor Plan / Table Manager