R2M2 is like having a stellar management team right at your fingertips.

We know finding the right personnel resources in a small business is like finding a canoe after dark, still on the water.  With attention to detail, R2M2 was designed to extend the arms of your management team, simplifying & automating their processes during your peak season so that they can stay focused on your customers and employees. 

Our featured features are just the icing on the cake.  Take a look at our full list of features below. 

4.0 Featured Features

One person reserves, several people can pay.  Great for school groups, church groups or just plain groups.

Created for off site reservation management to allow for guide scheduling, reservation check in/return, housekeeping alerts and more.

Sometimes their wallets are in their car.  Pencil ins are great for temporary holds on orders as well as year in advance reservations. 

Customer Relations are at the heart of your business.  The CRM allows for newsletters, campaigns, opt-in forms & abandoned cart functions all connected to your website & software. 

In a virtually digital world, paper can now be a thing of the past with our online waivers.  Built to be signed in advance, at the time of check in or at the starting point of the activity, waivers will ease your mind of liability concerns.

A custom reservation map that allows online customers and your salesforce to easily check availability and begin a reservation right from the map.

Want to offer rewards to your customers? Ask us about our Membership and Loyalty program add on!

Choose from 5 basic themes. Available on both Apple and Android

The Core Four


Our Point of Sale System is built for a light retail storefront all the way up to a large retail establishment.

The system manages:
Inventory Control
Barcode Scanning
Label Printing
Coupons & Gift Cards

The best part of this…
We’ve Combined Transactions into the same Cart.

Could be used for Light Restaurant/Concessions Sales!


Manage your Reservation from Sale to Check In to Check Out & beyond.

Your entire Salesforce is United using our Custom Reservation Management System.

Customized Forms for Check In & Liability Waivers.

Customers reserve right from your website, checking out securely through Authorize.Net!


Look Great Online with a Custom Redesigned Website that houses your Online Reservations.

All Levels of R2M2 allow you integrated access to communicate with your customers via email.

Basic, Pro, Premium Include Email Integration & Email Templates

Enterprise is complete with Full CRM Integration


R2M2 Solutions comes complete with Time Clock Management, Advanced Sales Reports, User Management Levels and much more.

Credit Card Processing Integration built securely on the Authorize.net Platform.

Built with close attention to detail, we’ve left no stone unturned.

R2M2 is here to See your Business Thrive!

Want to know more?

The Core Four
Featured Add-On's

Choose your plan

Add Blu CRM, Membership, and Loyalty to any package. See all the 3.0 options above.



$ 399
Per Month
  • The Core Four:
  • Reservations
  • Retail
  • Marketing
  • Management


$ 499
Per Month
  • The Core Four +
  • Pick One:
  • Map
  • Kiosk
  • Waivers


$ 599
Per Month
  • The Core Four +
  • Pick Two:
  • Map
  • Kiosk
  • Waivers


$ 699
Per Month
  • All Included
  • The Core Four
  • Map & Kiosk
  • Waivers & CRM
  • Membership & Loyalty
  • Mobile App
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