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R2M2 Solutions stands out by offering an integrated suite of tools that simplifies the complexity of hospitality management. From seamless reservations and intuitive point-of-sale systems to comprehensive restaurant management and direct customer engagement features, R2M2 provides everything a property could need within a single, user-friendly platform.

What we do

R2M2 Solutions goes beyond being just a software provider; it's a strategic partner dedicated to the growth and success of your business. By consolidating multiple management functions into one platform, R2M2 not only reduces operational costs but also opens up new avenues for revenue generation and customer satisfaction.


R2M2 Solutions' reservation and booking system offers a streamlined and integrated approach for managing both online and in-house reservations across a variety of hospitality and recreation businesses. This feature not only simplifies the booking process for guests through an intuitive interface but also enhances operational efficiency for businesses.


R2M2 Solutions provides a robust framework to optimize retail operations within the hospitality sector. This comprehensive feature supports inventory control, sales tracking, and POS transactions, enabling businesses to manage their retail sales easily. Real-time inventory updates and detailed analytics ensure stock levels are maintained accurately.


R2M2 Solutions' restaurant suite includes seating management and bump bar integration to refine the dining service. This system facilitates efficient table management and reservation scheduling, plus online reservations. The bump bar system optimizes kitchen operations, prioritizing orders for timely preparation and delivery.


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Manage Online and In-house Reservations plus bookings for Tours, Activities, Lodging & and Spa Services from one place!


Powerful customer relationship management (CRM) tool that enables you to manage customer data and track interactions


Heavy on management features, R2M2 focuses on advanced reporting, a built-in time clock, and other back-office features.


Seamlessly Managing Every
Stay, Bite, and Experience with R2M2 Solutions.

POS Integration

R2M2 Solutions offers a retail management suite that simplifies operations from inventory management to POS transactions.

Restaurant Suite

For restaurants, R2M2 Solutions introduces an advanced feature set that includes seating management and bump bar integration to refine the dining service.

Floor Management and Seating

This system facilitates efficient table management and reservation scheduling, ensuring guests are accommodated promptly.

Kitchen Management: Bump Bar

The bump bar functionality enhances kitchen productivity by organizing order priorities, reducing wait times, and ensuring that dishes are prepared and served with precision.


Unifying Reservations, POS, and Guest Management into One Effortless Experience for Hospitality Businesses.
R2M2 is designed to elevate the efficiency of hotels, resorts, campgrounds, spas, and adventure outfitters

"R2M2 works great with many different aspects of our business. Online reservations have been a huge plus with our customers. The software is very user friendly along with the R2M2 Team. A very worthwhile investment!"
"R2M2 has provided our outfitter and resort with an all in one system from the website to the POS and everything in between. They have been willing to build custom programs to accommodate our style of business. R2M2's support team is what sold us and they are always available when we need them. We are going on 6 years of partnership and love the growth they continuously show!!"
"I stumbled upon R2M2 on a search one day looking for a solution to integrate the various aspects of our non-profit organization, namely our POS along with online tickets sales and camping reservations. It was a good find. Not only has R2M2 met all our needs, but they have also gone above and beyond to work with us to continue making improvements and providing better solutions to our business needs. Everything I’ve thrown at them they have considered and ultimately offered solutions. They have been extremely responsive when confronted with questions or on the occasional issue. I’m looking forward to the future as we continue to work together in fully integrating our non-profit into R2M2!"
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