When it comes to your Software, sometimes it's gotta be bendy!

We’ve all been there before.  We get all excited about a new piece of software and have all of faith in the world that it’s going to do exactly what we need it to and we’ll never have to change the way we do things.  

Well, when it’s not mission critical, we think little of it.  What happens when your business relies on software to run smoothly?  If you haven’t found a system that works around you & not the other way around, this article is for you. 

R2M2 Solutions is designed to be as flexible as your favorite yoga instructor … or perhaps Stretch Armstrong if you’re not in to Yoga!

The Key Flexibility Features of R2M2

R2M2’s booking engine was built for all types of reservations.  From Lodging to Camping to Spas & Massage Parlor’s, we really did our downward dog’s here to make sure we could give our clients a robust booking engine, allowing flexibility both online & from software.

Here are a few highlights of our booking tool:

  1. Daily & Hourly Rentals with Morning Checkout for overnight stays
  2. Flexible pricing using our Discounts & Fees features
  3. Public & Private reservation components that allow you to choose what you publish for customers online & keep private for your team in house.
  4. Easily Process Cancellations & Reservation Changes
  5. Filter your data with ease for managing your day to day.
Your customers have convenience too!

Online reservations can be viewed by each product category or via our interactive reservation map.  Whether online or working from the software via your storefront, making reservations is a breeze

Make Reservations in under a minute!
Really, check the timestamp on the video. We’re not kidding on this one. 

For all of the features of our software, visit our 

It would be impossible to chronicle all of the flexibility of our powerfully-simple, hospitality management software in one article.  We challenge you to schedule a demo to learn more.  After the demo, we’ll all do our Shavasana and rest before you say ‘yes’ to choosing R2M2 for your reservation based business.

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& let your software truly work for you.