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We’re very excited you’ve chosen R2M2 Solutions for your business.  As you work through the steps outlined to your right, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. 

It’s our goal to streamline our steps so that we don’t miss any important details for the on-boarding phase of our relationship.  Thank you for taking the time to streamline this with us!!

Here’s our Contact info if you need anything:

Blu3 Management Group, LLC
Attn:  Charla Brewer
516 3rd St, Anderson, MO 64831

Ph: 417.986.0963

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Step 1.

Linked below is our service agreement for signature.  If you have any questions about this document, contact us anytime to go over the details together.

Step 2.

Complete your Setup Order & Subscription:

Your ORDERS tab will show any orders for hardware and will reflect your chosen payment processing integration.  If no hardware is being deployed upon signup, there’s nothing to do at this time.

Your SUBSCRIPTIONS tab will begin your recurring subscription.   This section will also include your signup fees.

Special Note:
You’ll need to click the item in the subscriptions tab and go through a separate checkout process to activate your subscription. 

What comes next?

After your orders are complete, our team will deploy a spreadsheet to you so that we can begin populating your profile into R2M2.  Be on the lookout for followup emails so that we make sure to stay on target.  Remember, we’re always reachable via