The Season’s over … what now?

Winter’s go by, all too fast!  Each Spring you look ahead and realize that summer is just moments away.  Brace for impact, eh!

As quickly as summer creeps in, it’s over just the same.  So how do you maximize your off season time?  By searching for ways to improve your business for the coming year!  For some, this means maximizing your labor force, adding inventory to your rental fleet, building a new cabin or something else entirely.

How often do you take a step back and evaluate the systems you have in place in your office or store?  

Often this is Command Central & is the location responsible for the most communication in your operation yet it’s the most overlooked when assessing a development & growth plan for your business. 

When you have the proper tools in place to remove or decrease repetitive tasks for your team, you save.  For example; Does cross checking reservations that may come in online from one system & transferring to another require you to place this responsibility on one of your key team members?  Usually this is the case!  You give them the most important jobs that require the most attention because they are trusted & fully understand your process.  What if you could begin to rely on your Software System that combines your inventory into One Database? You would begin reducing the amount of time spent on double checking and/or duplicating reservations from one system to another.  Your key player can now move on to other important tasks that may be on a side burner… rest assured, your ace in the hole will never run out of things to do!  

Do you ever sit back and wonder if this tool could also handle your online reservations?  Hmmm, a virtual assistant working for you 24/7, able to take more reservations at once than your entire office team.  Would you think twice about investing in a system that could do that?

How often do you focus on Customer Retention?  Todays commerce culture relys heavily on creating a one of a kind guest experience so your patrons choose nowhere else but your place for their vacations each year.  Having systems in place that create a streamline & efficient experience for your guests will help you achieve this goal.  From reservation to check in to followup outreach you’ve just landed an easy sale in the future!

What attention do you give to your guests Virtual Experience?  In todays world, we no longer begin creating the customer experience when they arrive.  You are doing this via social media, your website & undoubtedly; your email communications.  

After guests make a reservation is there an automated confirmation?  Do they have the security of knowing all of the arrival information before they arrive?  Utlizing a tool that will allow you to create specific, targeted campaigns to drive communications and encourage guests to reserve with you again will help reinforce your customer’s experience.  External tools can do this for you too, but having it all combined is really the cream of the crop we think!

R2M2 Solutions is a powerfully simple, multi-faceted system that combines your business practices into one, streamline operations tool to help your business grow.  You might ask, “How does software help me decrease my overhead costs and strengthen my internal communications?”  Well, if we haven’t summed up enough for ya’ with these few highlights, we’d invite you to check out more about R2M2.  It’s a one of a kind, industry leading system designed to drive successful operations for your business.  

Our company’s mission is to help educate the small business hospitality industry on the importance of having good systems in place.  We feel we’ve built a fancy, fun & effective tool for you but also believe that no matter the system you choose, it’s necessary to take the right steps to put your systems to work for you.  In the event you’d like to know more about how we consult with clients to help develop management procedures using any system that you put in place, contact us to reach out to our consulting team!

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