From the Developers

R2M2 Solutions is a project born from a recognized need in the Resort Industry.  Our Company, Blu3 MG was formed by 3 individuals, each possessing a unique set of skills, which when combined, were able to bring this project to life and to offer it to you, our prospective client.  This Product Overview highlights the features of R2M2 and spotlights its capability to be used as a full spectrum management system for your business.  

What is R2M2 Solutions?

R2M2 is a management tool for the resort industry.  It provides each client with the ability to manage their reservations and point of sale transactions from within one system!

R2M2 not only integrates In House Reservations and Point of Sale Transactions but also includes the ability to offer online reservations to your customers, yes;

“All within One System”.

Is R2M2 a true all in one software system?

Yes.  Our team has specialized experience in the recreation industry with over 16 years working in the field.  Our Software was born from the recognized need for the efficiency this software system provides.  For anyone who takes a reservation and sells a product, R2M2 is especially for you.

What types of User Accesses are available?

We provide access from the Admin Level (Owner), to Sales Staff to Employee.  Each level has special permissions relevant to their job functions.

Do you have printable reports?

Of course, not only do we have printable reports, but also exportable.  We’re confident that you will have the data that you need to drive your business forward.  Daily, Monthly & Annual Sales are included with all of our accounts.  Advanced Reporting is a feature available upon request.

What type of reservations will work with the software?

R2M2 handles all types of reservations.  From Lodging, to Camping to Activities such as kayaking or canoeing, you’ll be able to handle it all.  The fancy part is being able to offer access to the world through the online booking portal.  All inventory is combined so that you can also sell your products within the same transaction.

Does my company get a new website?

Yes, you do!  In order to be able to fully integrate and bring the world to your reservation desk, we will need to partner you with a website designed by Blu3 MG.  We can easily design a website that matches your current one, providing consistency with your previous marketing and branding efforts.  If you desire, we will design a brand new site to your satisfaction.  If you check out our team info, you’ll see that we have a resident web designer on board full time ready to create with you.

Can I sell inventory online along with reservations?

Yes you may, the only hiccup;  Phase 1 of our Software does not integrate Product Inventory Online & In House.  This just means that there will be a little more management involved in selling products online and making sure they are removed from your in house inventory.  But not to worry, our resident consultant can help you develop a process for that.

Product Features


  • Daily Rentals (Lodging, Camping, Hotel/Motel)
  • Hourly Rentals (Activities: Canoeing, Kayaking, Rafting, & More!)
  • Booking System fully integrated with Your Company Website
  • Ability to sell Featured Products Online to your customers
  • Fully Searchable Reservation List for easily accessing your orders


  • Inventory Management
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Product Labeling
  • Sales Reporting
  • Integrated Reservation Shopping Cart
  • Local Inventory, Category, Vendors, Coupons
  • Add Customers to Sales


  • Customer Database Included
    • Online Customers will be hosted in an online database of customers
    • In House Client Records can be drawn from a report, exported and then added to your Online Customer Management Tool (Phase 2 focuses on Marketing to all clients and providing 1 central customer database to work from)
    • Ability to Integrate with many current CRM Tools


  • Employee Permissions / for Retail and Reservation
  • Employee Time Clock with Data Export for Payroll Solutions
  • Full Z-Out Features for Accounting
  • Year End Procedures
  • Local Database Backups
  • Daily Sales Reports
    • Current Reports can be generated by Date Range
  • Professionally Designed Website, Integrated with Reservation Inventory, for Online Customer Reservations and In House Sales Team Reservations (by phone or in person).
  • Customizable Documents for Operations (check in forms, etc)
  • Solution for Payment Processing (ECommerce & Retail)
    • is PCI Compliant and provides security for your online and in house transactions

We have a demo website set up for you to preview for yourself!