The Core Four Feature by Feature

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  • Touchscreen Point of Sale makes it easy to quickly add items to your order that cannot be barcoded or are hot items on your shelf.  

  • Barcode Scanning allows you to use manufacturer’s barcodes or create your own to sell merchadise at your counter with ease.  

  • Inventory Control means that you can keep track of stock levels for merchandise so you know when levels are low.  

  • Receipt Printing with customizable reciepts that can be updated on the fly.  A great way to communicate with your customers and share some of your promo’s or just give a simple “Thanks”. 

  • Coupons allow you to offer discounts to customers both online & via software.  They are a great way to handle off season pricing or special promotions.  Coupons are able to be narrowed down to only apply to specific products or product categories. 

  • Gift Cards create Customer Loyalty which is  important to any business.  The gift card functions are also perfect for store accounts & allow you to keep track of customers purchases throughout their visit, processing payments upon their departure. 

  • Saved Cart for orders that are in process & need to be placed on hold, you can easily do this & move on to the next customer.  Saved Carts can be retrieved from any other terminal.  Great for moving a customer to a managers workstation or just placing on hold to help the next customer in line. 

  • Customer Tracking means that you can track all sales by customer.  This is a great way to really know your customers and  their spending habits.  This tracking applies to reservations & merchadise sales.  Check out our customer reports in the Management Section.
  • Online Reservations allow customers to see your inventory, real time & make reservations right online.  Fully integrated to your software interface, you’ll never practice double data entry again. 

  • Reserve by Phone or In Person  from the same database as online & never have to worry about double bookings.  Easily edit all reservations at any time from the software interface. 

  • Group Reservations, yep; it’s for real!  With our software all clients have the ability to process group payments.  Do you see a lot of school groups or other civic organizations?  This allows one person to make a reservation & multiple people to log in and make payments toward the balance. 

  • Pencil Ins are for when customers aren’t quite ready to commit or they forgot their wallet, you can quickly save an order for them.  Also designed for year in advance reservations without price committment.   Pencil ins do not remove items from inventory and are similar to the shopping cart from the online platform.  

  • Email Confirmations insure that reservations made online or by phone will automatically recieve an email confirmation. Confirmations can be customized to include your Group Payments ID, Link to Digital Waivers, Cancellation Terms & more.  Learn more about our CRM functions in the marketing section. 

  • Vehicle Registration were designed to keep track of who’s on your property.  Vehicle details are stored with customer records & can easily be seen and updated each time the guest checks in.  You can also print vehicle slips for guests to place in their vehicle during their visit. 
    • Custom, Complete Website that will rival your competition.  In an online world, oftentimes your customers first impression of you is your website.  Make sure that you look amazing online with a reservation platform that is built in, not standing on the outside of your website with a totally different look & feel from your own.  

    • Customer Communication via software is easy.  In an instant you can send guests an email directly from software. You can send them directions, or a few tidbits about their reservation with ease.  Sometimes you may just want to say “Thanks for reserving with us”.  That extra added touch will go a long way in building relationships. 

    • Data Mining means you’ll always be in the know about your customers & sales by item so that you can develop targeted marketing campaigns with your favorite marketing tools.  
R2M2’s Custom CRM really puts it all together for you & is an afforable add on option that will save you time & money, guaranteed.  Check out more about it in the Add On’s Explained.
    • Reports Like you’ve never seen before can be broken down by filters to allow you to track sales by customer, date, register or user.  There are few limits to the questions that you can answer about your business.  What you may want to take a step further, you can easily export to excel or google sheets. 

    • Customer Memos & Order Memos help keep track of customer specific or order specific comments made by you or your staff.  This tool is handy for those ‘need to know’s that don’t pertain directly to the reservation.  

    • Reservation Management
      • Edit Reservations anytime.  Deposits & Balances are always current & up to date allowing you to know the customers final balance at any point of inquiry.

        Forms & Waivers can all be customized to be printed or emailed anytime.  Forms can be used for Invoices that go in the mail or can also easily be copied into an email for clients. 

        Check In Forms, Doc Slips or whatever you may call it, any piece of paper can be printed from the system & given to a client to sign.

        Reservation Statuses such as checked in, checked out and pending are included for light use.  For the more robust solution, check out our Kiosk Features in the Add Ons Explained

    • Multi-Location Collaboration so you’ll never be stuck to your brick & mortar to do business.  Owners & Managers can install Software on any Windows machine & are globally connected to your business.  This is fantastic news for the off season!

    • Drawer Functions so that employees can keep track of their till & produce end of shift/day reports with ease.  Software has a cash count on login so you know your starting drawer amount and it is subtracted from your end of day totals. 

    • Time Clock built in for employee time tracking.  All resort employees can be added to the time clock, not just your front desk clerk.   Time Clock Reports automatically calculate employee time by the date range you select.  Save Countless hours adding up time cards.  
Tidbit for the future.  We’re going to be continually working on additions to this system & one of the next steps is to produce Labor Costs Reports so that you can easily see your most profitable areas with relation to labor costs. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Do we offer support?!, Only the best in the Industry (we claim).  From the moment we first meet, often we ask more questions about your business than you’ll ask about our software.  We’re building a relationship first! Throughout this process we’ll help you determine if we’re a good fit for one another.  We want to make sure that R2M2 will save you both time and money.  We’ll educate you on our system & help you filter through some of the misconceptions of the claims of other software systems on the market.

Our support continues throughout the lifetime of our agreement with you.  The roles change, but the guarantee remains the same.  We’re here for you.

Nope!  The price tag may be a little higher than others, but the deliverables surpass the expense & we’re certain that R2M2 will pay for itself.  100% of our clients have seen revenues from online sales that pay for the software for 2-3 years, in the first year.  Think about it.  You’ll have a 24/7 reservation attendant from day 1.  This attendant saves you labor costs & makes you money by extending your salesforce.  When your phone lines are hot, guests can reach you online & not move on to your competition.  An average ticket for this industry is between $200-$500.  Sometimes all it takes is one online order per month to pay for the software completely.

Yes, you do! e can easily design a website that matches your current one, providing consistency with your previous marketing and branding efforts.  If you desire, we will design a brand new site to your satisfaction. If you prefer to keep your existing website, we can integrate R2M2 into your existing wordpress website.

R2M2 handles all types of reservations.  From Lodging, to Camping to Activities such as kayaking or canoeing, you’ll be able to handle it all.  The fancy part is being able to offer access to the world through the online booking portal.  All inventory is combined so that you can also sell your products within the same transaction.

Yes, we provide documentation from start to finish.  If we don’t have something you are looking for, you just reach out & we’ll get it sent your way, lickity split. 

Yes, your payments are processed either through or through North American Bancards Ingenico Terminals.  Our integrations have passed some rigorous  testing to make sure & minimalize your PCI Non Compliance situations.  There are many best practices that go along with safely processing payments & we do not eliminate your risk 100%.  We just insure that your software is Compliant.