Version 5, Year 5 – What a Journey thus far!

Often in a blog article, an author finds ways to showcase their products or services with little to no emotion, just vamped up content that ‘sells’ in the background. Hey, we do that too. But not this time!
Today our team wants to share a little more than just what has happened to our system, R2M2 Solutions. Today we wish to tell you a bit of our journey along the way too. First, let’s talk about software versioning. As with all things, best practices and trends in the industry determine how you label the latest update to your software. Us, well, not exactly. We have to think about what it means to us from a growth standpoint for our software and ourselves. Our internal discussions about what version number we should use and if it “makes sense” to us are often comical and haphazard, leaving little room for rhyme or reason.
2016 America Outdoors Association Conference
Looking back over our last 5 years in business, it is neat to see through the rearview mirror that in year 3 we worked through version 3, year 4, version 4, and now that we’re halfway through our 5th year in business, we’re in software version 5. This is not entirely coincidental, but overall, we surely didn’t plan it that way!
I, Charla, want to give tribute to my two partners, Curtis & Angie, for every. single. step of our 5 years together so far. Back in the beginning, we started as friends. One evening of socializing and some safe discussion, we opened up about our hopes and dreams. It all started with an idea for a system that does [a lot of cool things] for the campground and canoe industry. Curtis said, “If I build it, can you sell it?”, Angie said “I’ll take care of the web design and marketing,” & I said, “Let’s GO!!”.
We started in the year 2016 and released our first version in December of that year. Fast forward to version 5, and our system has so many features and benefits for our clients as partners that we often step back in amazement at what all has transpired in our very short 5 years as business partners and friends. Today we’d like to invite you to check out all of those fancy features here:
From Online Bookings to Front Desk Management to the tenth degree to RFID Technology and Payment Integrations, we know we’ve just about done it all! However, here’s the cliffhanger; this year, we’re working on even more!!!!!! Stay tuned to all of our news and publications to stay in the know. Sign up for our newsletters (they’re intermittent and informative, not spammy at all)!
Today our system is a complete Property Management Solution that serves anyone in the hospitality industry. From Hot Springs Business to Outfitters to ATV parks, we’ve proven we’ll be here in our 10th year and beyond, ensuring that our network constantly evolves and remains relevant to technology industry trends.
From all of us at R2M2, we would enjoy getting to meet you. Click to schedule a demo of our system anytime.
Happy 2022 to all of you!
from R2M2