R2M2 Version 5.0

hey there!
R2M2 here … It has been a bit.
From all of us at R2M2, we are excited to release version 5.0 as we celebrate our 5th year in business!

Version 5.0 introduces you to our brand new Knowledgebase.  We’re sending your access to the knowledgebase via Basecamp and hope you all enjoy being able to be a little more hands on with your R2M2 Discovery.  

Our team is working to continue fine tuning our knowledgebase over the next few months so don’t be surprised if you find a few empty FAQ’s.

Once logged in you’ll have full access to the Version Release Notes as well as the FAQ’s that will break it all down for you. 

Version 5.0 Version Release Notes

All SaaS Packages receive the following:

  • Online Date Formatting
    We’ve updated the date formatting via the web to calendar format!  
  • Order Details Formatting
    We’ve updated the details formatting for the order receipts!
  • Cart Timeout Clock Settings Added to Web Cart
    To notify your online shoppers that their products will only be held for a specific amount of time. These settings can be found in the R2M2 Booking section via the Web.
  • Quick Access Filter by Product Type
    The Quick Access Tab can now be filtered to display products by specific Product Types.
  • Rental Status Changes (Checked In – Check Out – Available – In Use – Pending)
    We’ve added statuses that will allow you to categorize your check ins a little further.
  • Current Status Added to Create Booking
    We’ve also added the current status of a booking product to the Create Booking Window for better visibility at the time of booking.
  • Search Orders Tab by Item Name, UPC, Product Type Added
    These filters have been added to the Orders Tab and were previously only available via Rentals.
  • Change Product Current Status in Availability Calendar
    You can now update the status of your booking products via the Availability Calendar. This is great for marking Rooms as Clean, Available, etc. and can be helpful for other booking types also.
  • Rental and Order Customer Info Export Added
    Now, from the rentals tab you can export your customer data for use externally or for creating newsletters or campaigns via the integrated CRM.
  • Orders Action Log Added
    You won’t see this but when you need our help, this feature enhances our back office ability to see what’s happened with your orders.
  • Coupons Update
    We’ve added to the features that are incorporated into the software via Coupons.
  • Item Sales Report Updated
    We’ve updated the Item Sales Report to be a more ‘raw’ version of its former self. Pulling the raw data from the database, this report presents a blank canvas for you to manage your analytics from. This report is only accessible via the web / back end and is not incorporated into the software.
  • Transaction Report Transaction Log Column Added
    You’ll now see the user data on the transaction log to track down payment/transaction info.
  • Save and Load Temp Cart Menu Combined
    To make room for new stuff, we’ve combined the Save/Load buttons for the temporary cart.
  • Pencil In Save and Load Menu Combined
    Same thing here. The Pencil Ins have now been combined into one button where you can save or retrieve an order that has been penciled in.
  • Sales Report Group by Products or Types Added
    You can now filter your Sales Report by Products or Types to create an expanded or summary view, whichever you choose.
  • Set All Items Status on Order Added
    Find yourself clicking ‘Checked In’ a lot? Now you can mark the status of all items on an order at once.
  • Timeclock Report Totals or Details Option Added to Search
    We’ve enhanced the views on the timeclock reports to make your management tasks easier.
  • Inventory Editor Dates Sorted Updated
    This is available for you but most of the time our team helps with these tasks. We’ve made the information easier to sort through .. not just for us, but for you.
  • Disable Cash, Check, CC Receipt Printing Setting Added
    You can now turn on or off receipts by payment type. How cool ..
    This feature is located in Settings / App Settings
  • Disable Process CC External Button Setting Added
    To allow you to choose which workstations can process CC Transactions externally, we’ve added this setting.
  • EPX Integration added
    If you’re currently with North American Bankcard for your payment processing, we’ve updated our integration to beat the end of life for Velocity. By going direct to EPX we’ve been able to introduce payment profiles too!

Enterprise Package Includes:

  • Waivers Signature Count Added to Rentals Tab
    You can now easily see from the Rentals Tab how many signatures have been collected on an order to avoid pulling it to the cart to view this data.
  • Purchased Membership Names Added to Customer Info
    You can now more easily see what Membership your customers have purchased from the Software to better tailor your customer interactions.
  • Blu Blacklist View and Filter Users Added
    From the back end you can easily see all of the users on your blacklist at once and bulk edit too.
  • Old Waivers Auto Lock Setting Added
    You’ll be able to set parameters for completely locking your digital waivers. The setting can be found in the Digital Waivers Plugin.
  • App Waivers Shortcode Added
    You can now add the Waivers to your customer facing APP which will increase the number of access points for your customers to access and sign their waivers
  • Digital Waivers Admin Remove Signatures
    An admin of R2M2 can now remove signatures from waivers as needed.
  • Kiosk Renamed and Redesigned to Status Center
    The kiosk is being renamed to Status Center for notifications and to introduce the newly designed Check In Kiosk.
  • CRM Subscriptions Menu Renamed to Customer Notifications
    With the release of Text Alerts being integrated to the CRM, we’ve renamed our Subscriptions Menu to Customer Notifications.

Pro Plus Package Includes:

  • Time Clock Extension Plugin Created
    Pro Plus clients now have the ability to allow employees to clock in or out from a location that is not running R2M2’s software. This will keep your front desk ready for customers and move your teams clock in location wherever you’d like it to be. This also allows managers to add/edit timeclock logs.
  • Asset Management/Blu Asset Tracking System (RFID) Created and Integrated with OQmate API
    We now support RFID integration and all of these cool Pro Plus features will be available via the Asset Management button on the left menu. This deserves a lot more explanation than a sentence… ask us more about this Pro Plus Feature released in Version 5.0
  • Blu Event Maker Integration
    Pro Plus clients can easily create events within R2M2 to allow bookings to be accessible only to those who have the event code.
  • SMS Pro Texting Created and Integrated
    Texts can now be scheduled just the same as your emails for more direct connection to your customers. This feature is available to our Pro Plus Clients.
  • R2M2 Check In Kiosk Created
    The Check In Kiosk is a tool designed for quickly processing customer check ins. This feature has been highly sought after and is now available to all Pro Plus Clients.