The crew at GoToBlu has been busy these past few months!
Preparing to launch our latest version of R2M2 Solutions, we wanted to clue you in on a few things coming down the pipeline for our Powerfully Simple Property Management System.

Our proprietary CRM (Customer Relations Manager) is expanding and now provides you with the ability to build custom forms to be delivered to your customers to fill out prior to their arrival.  

Our CRM was once managed completely from the admin side (think back end functionality), is now expanding to include the ability to manage a customers subscriptions right from the software (think front end functionality).  

Forms are also integrated with the software and so any form connected to an order will be retrievable from the software allowing you to easily determine if your customers check in steps have been completed. 

Our PRO clients have access to our digital waivers which are now expanding to allow contactless check in.  While we’re not catering to the Coronavirus here, this functionality will help you follow your city or state regulations with ease. 

Over the last several years we’ve watched as our clients have helped us develop our software through expressing their needs … and a few of their wants. 

Want to know what sets us apart from our competition?

Our Service & Support!  

It’s our company’s mission to treat each of our clients as an extension of our team.  By remaining closely connected to them and striving to learn how they operate, we can better identify the direction we want to take with our system.  This way, we all win!  

If you would like to learn more about our “Powerfully Simple Property Management System”, schedule a demo anytime by clicking over to our demo request form and sending us your request.